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Sussan Shokranian

Sussan Shokranian transforms forgotten luxurious fabrics into unforgettable capsule collections.

Sussan’s Capsule Collections are about heritage and belongingness, chapters of a women’s life, and her ever-changing paths.

Timeless & nostalgic and a bit of a new romantic, the collections feel wistful and sentimental, a soothing layer of clothes and style contrasting with the brave, independent and, wondering women of today.

It is locally handmade, affordable luxury, and effortlessly sustainable.

From Paris
to the world

Sussan Shokranian, the brand, is a melting pot of references, stories and history. From Iran, to Brazil, France and Japan, the beautiful fabrics found tell stories of poetry, romance and endurance, much like Sussan the creator, herself.

Sussan Shokranian was born in Brazil and is a world-citizen. Her family, friends, memories and stories are all translated into her eponymous fashion brand.

In 2017 the brand was born, when Sussan decided to tell the world her stories and bring it online to and finally make her dreams and collections accessible and loved by many.

Long lost fabrics, newly made clothes.

All collections at Sussan Shokranian are handmade locally, by an expert seamstress with much love and attention to detail. These seamstresses are part of Sussan’s world and work together with the creator herself into bringing the best products to you.

Our collections are season-less, this way we can guarantee a healthy production and clothes that are made to last. From summer to winter, north or south, Sussan’s pieces will follow you and comfort you no matter where and when.

Because nothing here is ‘last season’ or démodé, any previous collection pieces can be found on our Archives tab, not a discount area. This way we are able to provide fair remuneration to all our seamstress and working staff as well as a healthy production cycle.

Lots of love and
effortless sustainability

Our collections are made with existing fabrics as a way of upcycling, so no fabric is made for us, this way we don’t produce more waste and guarantee uniqueness to all our collections. We are adamant about providing the best quality products, but also life quality to everyone who works with us and supports us. We strive on providing not only sustainable products but a sustainable workspace, and respectful production.

We value fabrics, our products, our team, and our lovers so much that there is no material to spare or waste, and all remaining fabric is transformed into our much-loved Mignonette bags and Scrunchies – and as of recently, homemade masks for donation only.

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